IELTS refers to International English Language Testing System

IELTS was launched in 1987 and is recognized worldwide as a Standardised Test for eligibility in English as a Second Language. All students, work aspirants and people interested in migration to English speaking countries are required to display their skill in communicating effectively in English language.

IELTS tests four skills.

We also provide training in PTE and Spoken English.


Pearson’s Test of English was developed in 2009 with an aim to change the way English is tested. PTE has been designed keeping in mind the everyday use of language and is developed such that the skills could be tested for practical application where combination of skill usage is required


For success in any field today, English language, as a skill is mandatory. Studying abroad has opened myriad of opportunities for people from developing country like ours, but in order to make the most of that opportunity it is vital that the students, tourists and immigrants understand the common tongue. IQ Education has come to liaise here as we understand the root of the problem and have developed solutions specifically catering to your root areas.


Depending on the country, course and visa, the band requirement varies. We will help you in determining the needed score.

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